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GSA Contracts

Analytical Services, Inc. (AS) was awarded General Services Administration (GSA) Environmental Services Contract No. GS-10F-0095J in 1999. This contract provides all Federal agencies and other authorized users with a quick and convenient means of addressing virtually all of their environmental and related needs.

Our Environmental Services contract includes the following Special Item Numbers (SIN):

• SIN 899-1, Environmental Consulting Services
• SIN 899-5, Materials and Waste Recycling and Disposal Services
• SIN 899-8, Remediation and Reclamation Services

• SIN 899-1RC, Disaster Recovery Environmental Consulting Services
• SIN 899-5RC, Disaster Recovery Materials and Waste Recycling and Disposal Services
• SIN 899-8RC, Disaster Recovery Remediation and Reclamation Services

Details on the types of services provided under each of these SINs and other information on our GSA Schedule can be found here or at by searching our contract number, GS10F0095J.

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Note that the rates in our Schedule are always negotiable and quantity discounts are available.

Our GSA Schedule has proven itself to be a very timely and cost-efficient contract mechanism. If you have not yet had the benefit of using a GSA Schedule, contact us and we will be glad to show you how to start saving time and money with GSA!

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