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Law Enforcement Agency Work Continues to Grow
October 2009

Our work for law enforcement agencies continues to grow with an award to support the U.S. Secret Service (USSS) in developing and implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive templates and guidance and in conformance with the ISO 14001 and ANSI Z10 standards. AS bested its competition for this award by providing superior personnel qualifications and past experience. The USSS now joins the ranks of our many other federal, state, and local law enforcement clients such as the Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and Delaware State Police.

Agents at Inaugural Parade
Agents at Inaugural Parade
Photo Courtesy of the USSS

Groundwater Appropriation Project Begins at Fort Detrick
September 2009

The U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Detrick, has been a client of AS since 2001. Over this eight year period, AS has been awarded three dozen task orders by the Garrison or one of its mission partners with a total value of over $3.6 million. These task orders have included an extremely wide range of environmental, safety, and health-related services, performed both on and off-site. Our latest award is a good example of the breadth of our services to Fort Detrick.

The Garrison currently obtains water from the Monocacy River for potable, industrial, and research use. Significant growth at the Garrison and within the local community will increase the surface water demand from the Monocacy and has led the Garrison to consider groundwater utilization beyond its current minimal use. Fort Detrick anticipates that a daily average of 150,000 gallons of groundwater per day can be extracted for a supplemental water supply.

AS has been tasked with obtaining a Permit to Appropriate and Use Water of the State for groundwater withdrawal and use. Our approach to this project is three-phased:

  1. Analysis of the hydrogeology of the area through completion of fracture trace analysis, geophysical surveys, and a review of pertinent published literature;
  2. Installation of test and monitoring wells, and conduct of aquifer testing; and
  3. Completion of a detailed aquifer testing report and submittal of all documentation required to obtain the permit.

In addition to these tasks, AS is researching the existence of archeological artifacts, historical sites, and threatened and endangered species located within the property to be permitted.

AS Field Geologist Monitoring Well Drilling Operations
AS Field Geologist Monitoring Well Drilling Operations

AS Awarded New USDA APHIS Contract
May 2009

As another indication of our ability to keep our clients satisfied, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA APHIS) has awarded AS a new five-year Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for nationwide waste management services. The USDA APHIS performs a myriad of agricultural and animal protection and research activities in facilities nationwide. The performance of these activities results in the generation of diverse chemical wastes of varying quantities and toxicities. These wastes include difficult pyrophorics, explosives, reactives, dioxins, and compressed gases.

AS has been performing on a similar BPA with APHIS since September of 2002. Our role on these BPA’s is to provide comprehensive hazardous, non-hazardous, and special material waste management, recycling, and disposal services at APHIS sites in over 35 states. Although the primary focus of these tasks is hazardous material and waste characterization, transportation, response, and disposal, the scope also includes other environmental services such as maintaining a nationwide database of APHIS wastes; securing U.S. EPA identification numbers; developing and implementing hazardous material and waste minimization recommendations; and reporting in accordance with state and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) requirements.

AS Employees Honored by the DEA
January 2009

At an awards ceremony at the Drug Enforcement Administration Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, four AS employees (Ann Smith-Reiser, Laura Winter, Marvin Howell, and Jo Luke) were awarded Certifications of Appreciation for their efforts in assisting DEA in securing Federal Electronics Challenge awards in 2008 for eleven DEA facilities.

The FEC, managed by the U.S. EPA and the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive, is a voluntary partnership program that encourages federal facilities and agencies to purchase green electronic products; minimize the impacts of electronic products during use; and manage obsolete electronics in an environmentally safe manner. The eleven DEA/AS awards were especially significant given that only thirty awards total were made to all government agencies in 2008.

DEA / FEC Awards 2008

AS Employee Laura Winter (far left) with EPA and
DEA Staff at 2008 FEC Awards Ceremony
Photo Courtesy of the U.S. EPA



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